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Our Home Appliances section aims to guide homeowners to choose the best appliances to meet their needs.

Five sizzling cooking ideas of 2014


Easy and quick cooking methods are the rage in today’s era. No matter what your designation is, cooking is a part of our daily life. With developments in technology, every year we are being introduced to new cooking gizmos and ...

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Cool and creative clothes iron designs


A person’s sense of clothing is the best way to study his aura and personality. It is not the cost of the clothes that is important, but the way they are put on. Ironing imparts a crisp and clean look ...

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Five advanced kitchen gadgets that we all need


Cooking daily meals seem like a tedious chore but eating out is not a worthy option. Apart from cooking, there are many other jobs in the kitchen like cleaning, dish washing, prepping for meals, making grocery lists and keeping your ...

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How induction cooktop can ease your cooking


Are you a diehard foodie? Do you love cooking? The Catalyst all-in-one cooking solution is a theory that has been developed as a rescue to the food-lovers. It is an induction cooktop concept that is designed to save energy. Along ...

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Is time to update your bathroom?


If you’ve redecorated your bedroom and living room, had a new kitchen installed and perhaps even had a go at the under-used dining room, what’s next? The bathroom of course.

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Know Your Knives Life a Pro Chef


Do you want to get the best out of your kitchen equipment and dream to make luxurious food that is worthy of a Michelin star? If the answer is yes then it is essential that you have a selection of ...

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