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Vuezz wall art

Vuezz framing system offers a unique way to frame and hang your photos

Vuezz wall art

Founded in 2012, Vuezz works with a desire to “Frame your Todays…” and give its customers much more than they expect. Taking into account the fact that freshening up the wall art is a serious business, Vuezz has recently released its signature digital photo printing and framing system for those who wish to bring the hi-definition versatility of Facebook to their home or office walls. The new framing system aims to help homeowners freshen up their wall photography as fast and easy as it’s on Facebook.

The whole idea behind the framing system was to ease the process of displaying photos and artwork in your home or office. Users simply need to upload their photos from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram or mobile devices at Vuezz. After that, they can start dragging and dropping digital photos into a virtual set of connected frames straight away, with the option of an HD matte print or the simple canvas printing. Once this process is over and the users submit their photos, the good folks at Vuezz print and mount the photos into their patented system of lightweight, interlocking frame panels.

When done, these reasonably priced, custom made, studio-quality photo displays are shipped to the buyers. Vuezz makes high quality eco friendly wall art that is renewable in concept and materials.

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  • Michael Mclaughlin

    Nice try, the original design from which this fixture is derived is from Toronto CASTOR DESIGNS. Your ripped off version doesn’t allow light to glow to the ends of the tubes.


    So where do I buy one?

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