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Specimen Hornlets

Specimen Hornlets are sure to seduce the audiophiles

Specimen Hornlets

If you are on the hunt for a pair of beautiful horn speakers with high performance, you might love to consider the 19-inch Horn Speakers from the house of Specimen Products in Chicago. These beautiful 19-inch Hornlets are handmade and flaunt an eye-catching base made of premium quality Baltic birch plywood. Made from recycled newsprint, dryer lint and shellac, the horns are by far the most eco-friendly speakers by the company. Each horn enjoys a unique finish and shows a variety of markings it gets from the construction and finishing process.

The Hornlets can be coupled with the Specimen’s Satellite/Subwoofer unit for a perfect system and can be used with any audio source. Available in a range of finishes, the Hornlets boast heavy-duty, long excursion cones that deliver exceptional bass for a 3″ driver. The Hornlet speakers are available either as pairs or in other quantities, and you can arrange them accordingly to create a perfect stereo system. If you go for an array of sixteen, they will also offer you a custom junction box, so that you can power them from a single sound source.

The Hornlets were first created for the Sonic Arboretum installation at New York’s Guggenheim Museum in 2010. The 19-inch Hornlet speaker will cost you $1,200.

Speicmen Horn Speakers

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Speicmen Hornlets Speakers

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