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Cao Hui Gutsy Chair

This gutsy chair by Cao Hui is a gory mess!

Cao Hui Gutsy Chair

“Weird” is the word most of us will say after looking at this chair for the first time. Created by Chinese artist Cao Hui, this creepy vinyl chair with disgusting resin guts sculpture is something you would never want to see inside your living room. However, Cao Hui is quite famous for his strange organic sculptures that depict his interest in realism, deception and power of control. While his realistic sculptures in dripping flesh are simply weird, they are impossible to ignore.

Cao Hui Gutsy Chair 3


Cao Hui Gutsy Chair 6

Cao Hui Gutsy Chair 4

Cao Hui Gutsy Chair 5

Cao Hui Gutsy Chair 1

Via: Neatorama/Ufunk/CollabCubed/LinLinGallery

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