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Motorcycle Furniture by Andy Gregg

Andy Gregg creates motorcycle furniture with Harley-Davidson parts

Andy Gregg, a professional bike mechanic from Michigan and founder of Bike Furniture Design, is renowned for recycling bikes and transforming them into stunning, artistic furniture pieces. He has been using recycled bicycle rims, handlebars and frames to create unique furniture since 1990. The latest addition to his wide-ranging collection is the Harley-Davidson Project, which includes furniture units made from motorcycle parts. The new line was made for an expo booth for Harley Davidson Insurance at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

The motorcycle furniture by Andy Gregg, which includes chairs, table and bench, has been made with Harley-Davidson parts. However, these pieces can also be created with parts from BMW, Ducati, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Indian, Victory and other motorcycles.

Cheers! Andy Gregg

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