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Coffee table by ProduktWerft 2

ProduktWerft makes furniture with old wood from industrial pallets

A brand new furniture firm named ProduktWerft is offering unique furniture pieces made of reclaimed wood from industrial pallets. Designed by Sascha Akkermann, these environmentally friendly furniture pieces are made with old industrial pallets, new furniture casters and biological furniture oil. With a strong focus on recycling and upcycling, ProduktWerft works closely with a waste management company to breathe a new life in old objects. Hit the jump to see some of the pieces from the ProduktWerft’s furniture line.

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  • Michael Mclaughlin

    Nice try, the original design from which this fixture is derived is from Toronto CASTOR DESIGNS. Your ripped off version doesn’t allow light to glow to the ends of the tubes.


    So where do I buy one?

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