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iRock rocking chair by Micasa Lab

iRock power-generating rocking chair for Apple fanboys

We have already seen some energy-generating furniture units, including the Otarky rocking chair and Unplugged workstation, and the latest with us is the iRock, a power generating iPad rocking chair. Developed by Zürich based Micasa Lab, the iRock offers a new twist on the traditional rocking chair. The rocking chair features a generator that converts the rocking movement into energy. The iRock energy-generating chair comes with an integrated iPad stand and a set of speakers in its backrest, and is compatible with all the Apple devices.

Using iRock chair for 60 minutes can recharge an iPad 3 to 35 percent. The generated power can be stored in stored in an integrated battery. The iRock rocking chair is handcrafted with Swedish and is available in five different colors. While the price tag reads $1,300 on the homepage of iRock chair, it says €1300 at the About Us page. Anyway, the iRock is all about making good use of energy that’s lost otherwise and putting it to real use.

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  • Michael Mclaughlin

    Nice try, the original design from which this fixture is derived is from Toronto CASTOR DESIGNS. Your ripped off version doesn’t allow light to glow to the ends of the tubes.


    So where do I buy one?

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