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Man Cave coffee table

The ultimate man cave coffee table for auto lovers

There is nothing better than a man cave for the big boys to have some quality time in their own private space. If you happen to be an auto enthusiast and are on the hunt for an ultimate man cave table, you might want to consider the one-of-a-kind coffee table being offered by Etsy seller BAMetalworx. Made from stainless steel with 477 welds in the spider webs, this eye-catching coffee table has been festooned with gears, valves, valve springs, timing chain set and copper plated 1920′s Model-A connecting rods.

The center of the table features all-aluminum polished custom rims and the glass is kept intact with four chromed pistons taken from a 540 cubic inch racing engine. Four more pistons have been used as the adjustable feet for the table. The table illuminates with eight strips of LEDs to create a stunning atmosphere in your man cave. It took nine months to complete the auto-inspired man cave coffee table, which sells for a cool $25,000. Only one piece is available for sale.

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  • Michael Mclaughlin

    Nice try, the original design from which this fixture is derived is from Toronto CASTOR DESIGNS. Your ripped off version doesn’t allow light to glow to the ends of the tubes.


    So where do I buy one?

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