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Fogring humidifier and aroma diffuser

Fogring portable humidifier doubles as aroma diffuser

One can ensure clean and hygienic conditions at home, but maintaining the right level of moisture and aroma away from home often becomes a matter of concern for people frequently on the move. Offering a solution, the “Fogring” is a portable humidifier that doubles as an aroma diffuser for frequent travelers, creating a perfect environment around them wherever they go. Looking like a donut, the sub-miniature mini-humidifier that floats on water to create a balanced ambiance around you.

What makes Fogring unique is that it doesn’t need a specific water tank, as it works with all types of water containers with minimum fuss. You can power it by a battery pack, if you don’t have USB port around. Easy to clean, the humidifier keeps your surroundings germ free and diffuses tender aroma.  The Fogring just weighs around 35 grams that the users can carry with them with ease.

Via: Freshome

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