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The Shell bathtub nestles you like a pearl

After a hectic day at work, people often look for a comfortable bath or spa to rejuvenate their body and soul, so they could spend a relaxed evening with family or friends. Drawing inspiration from nature, i.e. the mother of pearl, the “Shell” from Milan based design studio DesignLibero is a luxury bathtub that offers a sensuous retreat to soothe all your senses.

Designed by Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina, the trendy Spa offers an inspirational design, which is enhanced by a touch interface, so users could create a cozy environment by adjusting the lights, sound and aroma to calm their nerves. Hiding the faucets and showers to present a clean and elegant design, the hi-tech bathtub also offers space to bring your favorite plants and flowers in your bathroom and create a natural environment.

Via: Designlibero

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