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Wave bath tub ensures fitness and freshness in a cozy environment

Fitness and freshness are the most essential components to live a healthy life. Bringing the two vital parts together, French designer Pauline MARAUD, a product design student at l’École de design Nantes Atlantique in France, collaborating with Hélène Guibert and Hélène Le Héricy has come up with an innovative bath tub that apart from keeping you fresh also helps you stay fit.  Dubbed as “Wave,” the fitness and relaxation bath tub lets you work out in a private and comfortable environment.

Ideal for fitness freaks that refrain from crowded fitness centers, the trendy bath tub is designed to fit perfectly in modern parental suites. Made using acrylic (plastic), the high class bath tub integrates pulleys at both ends to help users stretch and strengthen their back muscles. Featuring an ergonomic design, the bathtub places the user in a comfortable position to flex the back muscles appropriately.

The Wave presents a great solution to soothe the back pain, which is quite common nowadays, courtesy our wrong sitting postures during those extended work schedules.  The multifunctional bath tub was demonstrated in Milan International Furniture Exhibition in April during the 2012 Design Week.



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