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Amazing Stone Houses

Most amazing stone houses

We have earlier introduced you to some of the coolest underground houses for those who treasure privacy and the most amazing glass houses fit for a transparent living. This time, we have the some of the most stunning stone houses from around the world that are sure to interest all the modern Flintstones out there. If you have always liked the idea of living inside a stone house, here we have some of the most magnificent stone houses with timeless appeal from around the world. Hit the jump to see them all.

  •  Stone House in Portugal

Built in 1974, this is an amazing example of a stone house. The House of Stone sits between two huge stones and is said to have been inspired by American Flintstones cartoon. The environmentally friendly house has stone furniture and a shingled roof. Located on the hillside of Fafe mountains, the stone house attracts tourists from around the globe.

  •  Old Stone House in Washington, D.C.

Built in 1765, the Old Stone House in Washington, D.C., United States is an example of vernacular architecture and its exterior is made of blue granite and fieldstone. One of the oldest unchanged buildings in Washington DC, the Old Stone House has its interiors done in the 18th century style.

  • Stone House, Deptford

Constructed between 1771 and 1773 by George Gibson the younger, the Stone House in Deptford is one of the oldest structures in the London Borough of Lewisham. The use of Kentish Ragstone, a limey sandstone, bestows the building with unique looks.

  •  Olde Stone House, 968 Eden Terrace

The beautiful Olde Stone House has been constructed at the start of the 20th century. Featuring an elegant stone exterior, the Olde Stone House has been given a makeover, while keeping intact many of the original architectural details.

  • Bull Stone House, Hamptonburgh

Built in the 1720s by William Bull and Sarah Wells, the ten-room stone house spreads over 120 acres and is situated in central Orange County, New York.

  • Abeel House, Hudson Valley

This beautiful Dutch stone house was built in 1750 and features eight rooms, 7 working fireplaces, 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. The 2500 square foot property enjoys museum quality standards.

  • The Stone House, Manassas

Built in 1848 as a stop on the Fauquier and Alexandria Turnpike, the two-story stone house is situated in Manassas National Battlefield Park

  •  Stone house, Buenos Aires

This amazing house in Buenos Aires has its exterior done in natural materials, mostly stone and wood. The load-bearing walls have been done in stone.

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