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Harley-Davidson iPod Speaker Dock

Ultimate iPod speaker dock for Harley Davidson enthusiasts

A Harley-Davidson is by definition a work of moving art and a sure showstopper. Bike enthusiasts know very well the joy of owning and riding a Harley, but not everyone can afford this beastly beauty. Here is something cool for Apple fanboys and everyone else who is in love with the styling and mystique of the Harley creations. Designed by Woohyeok, the Harley-Davidson iPod speaker dock draws inspiration from the famous V-twin engines of the bike, each with a 45-degree angle between the cylinders. The layout and ignition timing of the V-twins is said to produce the unusual and choppy “potato-potato-potato” sound.

For the Harley-Davidson inspired iPod/iPhone speaker dock, Woohyeok has taken clues from V-twin engine shape and the MPH gauge design. All you need to do is to dock your iPod/iPhone and turn on the speaker to listen to the deep roar of the engines. The gorgeous speaker lock lets you enjoy Harley’s authoritative sound in your own personal space.

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