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Dock Lamp Manuel Amaral Netto

Dock lamp lets you move and place the light to your liking

If you are bored of the regular practice of switching the lights on and off by clicking the button, you ought to check out the Dock lamp designed by Manuel Amaral Netto. The innovative lighting fixture is connected and controlled by a precise action instead of a button. The Dock lamp lets you move the light and position it on a specific place. Whether you need light for reading, working or simply as an ambient light source, the Dock lamp relates with your activity in any given space.

The lamp comprises a structure that extends itself along the space and features different points to position your light to suit your needs and liking. These points with electric current are at different heights and placing lamps on these points turn up the lights. When you don’t need the light, simply take the lamp off to the resting place.

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  • Michael Mclaughlin

    Nice try, the original design from which this fixture is derived is from Toronto CASTOR DESIGNS. Your ripped off version doesn’t allow light to glow to the ends of the tubes.


    So where do I buy one?

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