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Six extraordinary and high-tech refrigerator concepts


Space and time constraints have made it necessary that we opt for technologically enhanced and smart kitchen appliances. Refrigerators are an important part of your kitchen. Technology has started experimenting with this essential kitchen appliance. This article will provide information about six modern refrigerator concepts, which can do a lot more than just cooling your drinks and dishes.

Axon Concept Refrigerator:

The cylindrical Axon Concept Refrigerator by Electrolux focuses on saving space and helping users in every possible way. It gives you information about the available storage space. The touchscreen makes using this unique concept refrigerator both interesting and easy. The makers have kept in mind the needs of both the left handed and right handed users. The glass walls of this refrigerator can turn white and stop people from peeking when not in use. During use it becomes transparent. It has a camera and scanner inside that helps in measuring space and provides information to you.

Modern Nord Fridge Design:

Olga Kalugina has designed the Nord Fridge that has specified spaces for different items. The inclined triangle shelf has been specially made for bottles. The movable shelves help you adjust the space within the refrigerator. You can control the amount of available space inside this refrigerator. The trays have a rotating system that moves your stored pots and jars according to need. The Fresh cases can be used to keep cooked dishes in ovenproof utensils.

See Through Refrigerator:

Designed by Yoonjung Kim and Jongrok Lee, the see through refrigerator is a creative home appliance for future generations. Every time when you open the refrigerator door to check out the available foods a lot of energy is wasted. When you touch the glass panel of the “See Through Refrigerator,” you will be able to check out the food and available cooking ingredients inside.

Futuristic Teleport Refrigerator:

Dulyawat Wongnawa has designed this ultra-modern and futuristic refrigerator for Electrolux. This refrigerator is capable of teleporting necessary grocery, vegetables and meat from supermarkets and firms. You have to place order through phone call or mail and the things will appear inside the refrigerator.

Non-Electric Bio Robot Refrigerator:

Yuriy Dmitriev is a renowned industrial designer who has created the Non-Electric Bio Robot Refrigerator to save energy. It does not have any processor that runs on electric power. It has a special sort of biopolymer gel for preserving foods.

Concept Refrigerator for healthy meals:

People who are not used to cooking homely meals should try this concept refrigerator designed by Ashley Legg. The door of the refrigerator is also a user interface, which has touch sensors and electro chromic window. You can find out recipes and get menus by putting cooking ingredients inside the fridge.


Concept refrigerators demonstrate how far we have come since the dawn of civilization. These futuristic refrigerators can revolutionize your kitchen.

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