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Bedroom paint ideas


One’s bedroom is perhaps the favorite spot for him or her in the whole wide world. After all, after slogging away the whole day, this is the room to where he or she goes in order to get his rest and her beauty sleep. How irritating it can possibly be if after everything that you have done the whole day, you still can’t take your rest, due to the simple fact that sleep doesn’t embrace your eyelids. Or maybe, you just tend to have nightmare one after the other, and find it difficult to sleep.

Do not fret and run about taking sleeping pills. The problem and the solution both may lie in something much simpler, which is the color of your room.


It has now been observed that certain colors are just not good for the retinal sensors of the eyes, and thus you just cannot go to sleep under such a color. Examples of such colors can be any such color which strike the eyes too much, bright colors like yellow. On the other hand, colors which are relatively softer and more sober in terms of how much they stand out among others, such as blue and pink can be excellent colors for you to go sleep.


It is astonishing how the retinal sensors of the eye sense the presence of the color blue as a sign that it is safe to go to sleep. In such an aspect, one can just imagine what could happen if one should paint his or her bedroom red in color. Danger, anyone??


There are other colors, of course, such as purple which quite astonishingly, even if not leading to good sleep, help and aid the mental faculties to develop good and sweet dreams instead of nightmares. On the other hand, the color of gold and other golden hues do actually inhibit good sleep periods. Thus, the color gold, which is found in the rooms of high class people, do not get good sleep, definitely not more than 6 hours, effectively.

Paint, those bubbling drops of chemicals do affect our lives in ways more than one, as we now can see. Therefore, now that you know about this phenomena, make your paint related decisions wisely and thoughtfully. The delicate hours of sleep do depend on your decision, after all. At the end of everything what’s left to say is only “Sweet Dreams”.

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