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Bedroom colors


A bedroom I the place where you would like to get your well deserved rest at the end of the day. It is the place of peace, it is the place of solace, it is the abode of release. In such a scenario, you would definitely not something such as a color to disturb your sleep.

This is specifically the problem with the choosing of wrong colors. People do complain all around the world that they do not have a sound sleep, but never has anyone thought about it that the color of your room may have anything to do with it. Recent research has propounded that bold colors such as red and others such as gold and a bright shade of yellow actually interfere with the sleep patterns of people. Moreover, bold colors especially the color red, is not at all a soothing color. It is rather a color that literally signifies energy and vivacity. All that is good, but not while you would like to be dreaming sweet dreams instead of tossing and turnings.


Colors that are by nature soft and somber, do not impart much to the mind  when you think of it are  great ideas for one’s bedroom. In this scenario, the color o blue proves to be the best for this. It is quite astonishing but the retinal sensors of the human faculty automatically assumes the color blue to be associated with a kind of security that lulls into having a sound sleep. Other shades and tones of blue have the same effect. Moreover, the color of purple helps to give you good and sweet dreams, instead of nightmares.


Red is also not a hot color for any or every room of the house as has been foretold by color predictors. They are individuals who take the statistics of the automobile and the fashion industry, or any industry which is associated with color, and considering all this, they foretell the color that is to be popular in a particular year or a particular season. Red has of course not been to the favor of any.

Therefore, if you were in the mood to have a bit of red touches about your bedroom, do not stray down that path. You may use it here and there about the house, but definitely not the bedroom. Play it safe, after all red does mean danger.

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