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Important tips that every vertical gardener should consider


Gardening is undoubtedly one of the best hobbies in the world. Not only it allows you to indulge yourself into something new and creative, it also helps you to get closer to nature and at the same time, it helps in making the environment cleaner and fresher. Vertical gardening is currently one of the most popular styles of gardening. Since more and more people are living in houses with small or no backyard, therefore, this style of gardening helps in maintaining a hobby and beautifying the house. Here are a few tips that will make vertical gardening a fun activity.

  • Use a support structure- Vertical gardening isn’t very easy; ideally you have to use a support structure that can help your plants to grow in a specific manner. For instance, trellis could be a support structure. You can either purchase or make one using wood, strings eye screws, and wires.


  • Gateway to creativity- The best part about vertical gardens is that they can begin from the garden entrance gate. Since entrance gate gives the first impression of your garden, so get creative and make your garden gate a vertical garden. This will make your garden gain a character of its own.
  • A temporary v/s permanent vertical garden- A lot of families these days live in rented accommodation. However, that doesn’t really mean that you have to sacrifice your love for gardening. If you can’t have a permanent vertical garden, then opt for temporary ones, which mean that your vertical structures shall be prepared from lightweight materials. This will allow you to easily remove them if you are shifting or if you want a change of directions. For instance, pots on tripod are ideal. You can also opt for unattached vertical trellis.


  • Use Cedar- Cedar is great for keeping moths and insects away from your garden. Make or buy cedar closet rings and you can add them to trellis. They also help to protect the plants against pests.
  • Go Melon- Melons are an ideal addition to vertical gardens. They are easy to grow if the trellis is strong enough. You can use sling to support growing melons.
  • Wise selection o plants- Decide on what kind of plants you should have in your vertical garden. If you are new to the style, then opt for vine or creepers as they create shade and are easy to maintain. Also check for suitable height of the plants.

I hope that these tips will make vertical gardening a more fun and interesting activity!


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