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Essential tools that every gardener should have


Are you planning to have a small garden in your backyard? A good idea, I must say.  Gardening is a very fulfilling hobby, where apart from mild exercise; you have great satisfaction of nurturing beautiful plant and watch them flourish in full glory. If you are new to gardening, then you must buy few gardening tools. The selection of tools is not very difficult. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy them. Just a few basic tools will help you in performing your gardening task easily. These essential tools list may vary from gardener to gardener and region to region. However, the basic tools are listed below.


  • Scissors and pruners

If you have only few small herbs in your garden, then a normal household scissors is sufficient to prune the tender leaves or branches. A lightweight clipper or a heavy-duty garden scissors will be required for pruning stems of pencil thickness.

  • Weeding tool

Planting and nurturing plants is good, but your work is only half done if you do not remove the weeds from your garden. They can choke the plants you are trying to grow and the garden full of weeds is not a good sight. Diggers or hand forks are used for removing the weeds out of your garden. They surgically coax the weeds out.


  • A shovel

For digging hole and trenches and shifting soil, you need a shovel. A long handed shovel will be good enough. There are various varieties of shovels available in market. There is small compact sharpshooter for digging hard clay, Kombi shovel for cutting through roots, or just a mattock. It all depends on your need. Traditional shovels are good enough for light soil.

  • Rakes

You need a rake to level seedbeds and tamp down soil. Again, different types of rakes are available in the market and they serve different purposes. Hard rakes can be used to smooth out soil, move soil, leaves and mulch, and blend the soil with rest of the bed after seeding.

  • Saws

You can use scissors for cutting small tender branches, but a saw will be needed for larger branches. A sturdy saw is all that you need to pruning or shaping trees. A pruning saw with curved blades is perfect for cutting branches and it is easier to use as well as fits easily in awkward spaces. You must use pruning tools wisely because if you use your clippers for cutting thick hard branches, it will be damaged.


  • A garden Hose

If you have a small garden watering cans are good enough to water your plants. In summers when the heat is unbearable, there can be nothing more important than the watering hose. Buy the one with adjustable settings, so that you can adjust the flow of water according to your need. You need long handled hoses for watering hanging baskets.

  • Wheelbarrow or garden cart

It’s a great help on transporting weeds, leaves, or dirt from one part of the garden to another. You can load it with vegetables, flowers or plants and carry them easily wherever you want. Moreover, it is also handy in carrying garden tools, water bottle, or any such item that you need to carry to and from the garden.

Apart from these you also need some more small items like a sun hat, a pair of gloves, a corn husk broom etc. So what are you waiting for? Get ready and start working in your garden. Good quality tools and a passion for gardening is all that is needed for an enjoyable day of work in your garden.

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