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Tips to organize your small apartment in a better way


Do you think keeping a small space clean and systematic is easy. No, it’s very difficult! If you don’t take care and plan properly, the room will be full of clutter. Keeping a one-bedroom apartment clean and tidy needs you to stay organized and use the space wisely.

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Know when to throw things away

We have emotional attachments with so many things, which may not be useful to us anymore. It is better to dispose them off or else your apartment will look like a store, which houses all sorts of odds and ends. Set some time aside to tidy up your house. You will find to your surprise just a small effort in cutting down on clutter will make a lot of difference. If you have items like clothes or books, which you do not use any more, try to donate it to some nonprofit organization.


Use wall shelves

Use vertical shelves to add more storage space. You can store books, CDs, videos, or any other collections on the shelves and therefore off the floor. These shelves can also be used to store knick-knacks and some decorative pieces. In other words if you have less floor space, use more wall space.

Invest on some folding furniture, furniture with storing space

Buy folding desk and chair, which can serve as study table or dining table when required, but can be folded away when not needed. Buy beds, coffee tables etc. with drawers where things can be stored.


Store items under the bed

While many people hide things under the bed, it is better to store things systematically in such a way that they remain dust free and in good condition. Use small boxes, trunk etc. to store woolens extra beddings etc., which you may not use in summers. If these boxes are kept systematically under the bed, they will occupy less space and your things will not be spoiled.

Keep personal things in a closet

Keep your dirty clothes in a laundry basket and keep it in a closet. It is never a good sight if your laundry is sprinkled throughout the room. Try to keep most of the personal items in the closet. You can add extra rod in your closet to hang your clothes. Many closet rod attachments are available in the market, which can be attached to the existing rod, and provides extra row for hanging your clothes.

 Use plastic drawers to store items

Cheap plastic drawers are available in the market. You can store many small items like belts, ties, scarves, threads, medicines etc, in drawers, so that they will remain organized you can even add small plastic drawers to your regular drawers to store your undergarments, gym clothing etc.


Use hanging hooks

You can increase storage space by using hanging hooks in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. You can hang items, which are meant for day-to-day use like keys, towels, hats, and many such things. They will be readily available whenever their need arises.

Keep your room dust and smell free

Vacuum clean the carpets regularly. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and vacuum clean. It is be sparkling clean and smell free. Baking soda can also be used to clean stainless steel kitchen sink and refrigerator. Use a room freshener when expecting some guests. Thus, we can see that with a little effort a small apartment can also look spacious. If the room is well lit, and walls are light colored, the room will appear to be bigger.

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